Adam Mayo joined the United States Marine Corps in April 2005. He married his wife Jasmine in November of 2006. Adam spent most of 2007 deployed to Iraq and spent most of 2009 between Iraq and Afghanistan. In January, 2011 Adam’s first son was born and Jasmine and Adam were living a great life. In early 2012 Adam was sent to Thailand for training. On Valentine’s Day, 2012, Jasmine did not get the Valentine’s Day call she expected. Instead, she received a call stating Adam had been attacked and had a broken neck, rendering him a quadriplegic. Their lives have not been the same since but they forged on because Adam has the Spirit of a Hero! A few months after the attack, Adam and Jasmine welcomed their 2nd child and in December of 2012 Adam was medically retired out of the Marine Corps. In November of 2014 they added a one month old baby girl to their family and in August 2016 they officially adopted her making their family of five whole.

We selected Adam Mayo in 2016 because of his spirit! We are proud to have Adam as a member of our Spirit of a Hero family and look forward to what life has in store for him, Jasmine, and their children!

Mission Statement

Spirit of a Hero is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing financial, moral, and community support to veterans of the United States armed forces.

SOAH will raise awareness, provide hope, and bridge gaps in services through community-driven activities.

EIN 46-0784017

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