Dan Licardo

Dan Licardo served 16 years as a Navy SEAL. After retiring he decided to make his home in Flower Mound, Texas.  

Dan served our country and wasn't ready to give up serving others when he retired so he started volunteering at Adaptive Training Foundation. Dan is a  man with a servant's heart. 

On September 4, 2018 Dan was involved in a terrible automobile accident resulting in the amputation of both legs.  Although these injuries did not happen while on a tour of duty like our previous recipients, his dedication to our military and need for our help is the same.  

This is an excerpt from the Facebook Page "Stay Strong Dan Licardo":

"Daniel Licardo is a former US Navy Special Operations (SEAL) member with over 16 years of experience including combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. He was formally a member of Naval Warfare Development Group (SEAL Team 6), where he specialized in Red Team operations and facility vulnerability exercises. As a SEAL, he executed numerous highly sensitive, classified missions that operated in South America, Europe, and Middle Eastern theaters while conducting high-risk, counter narcotic missions and internal foreign defense missions.

Dan is an accomplished firearms and tactical instructor for many departments, a wonderful father to his young son Ronin and a beloved tribe member of the Adaptive Training Foundation in Texas."

Spirit of a Hero is honored to be able to help such a hero! 

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