Spirit of a Hero is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing financial, developmental, and community support to veterans of the United States armed forces and their families.



Spirit of a Hero will raise awareness of veteran behavioral issues, provide hope and support, and bridge gaps in services through community-driven activities.


What Sparked the Spirit?


In April 2012, Spirit of a Hero Founder, Rick Turner, 82nd Airborne and Purple Heart Recipient, read the story of a young 82nd Airborne Paratrooper who had lost all four limbs. This young man, SSGT Travis Mills had lost his limbs but not his spirit! He was determined to drive on and be the husband and father he always intended despite his injuries.  Rick knew he had to do something to help so he organized a motorcycle ride that in one day raised over $30,000! From that day on the spirit to help was sparked and  Spirit of a Hero was born! #whatsparksyourspirit

Who Sparks the Spirit?


The name “Spirit of a Hero” truly describes who we are and who we help. The men and women we help have sacrificed limbs to protect our freedom.  While many people would have given up, these brave service members decided to fight!


2012 Recipient – SSGT Travis Mills – quadruple amputee

2013 Recipient – SGT Jordan Folmar – double leg amputee

2014 Recipient – SSgt Marcus Burleson – double arm amputee

2015 Recipient – SSgt Omar Milan – single leg amputee, soft tissue and nerve damage to left leg, damage to left hand with loss of index finger, and damage to right arm with loss of the elbow and nerve damage

2016 Recipient – Sgt Adam Mayo – Quadriplegic 

2017 Recipient – Cpl Brian Aft – double leg amputee

2018 Recipient - SGT Stephen Jackel - double leg amputee

2019-20 Recipient - Navy SEAL Dan Licardo - double leg amputee

2021 Recipient - Sgt Michael Carnell - Stage IV Colon and Liver Cancer


Despite their injuries/illnesses our heroes never gave up the spirit! They have the SPIRIT of a HERO! #whosparksyourspirit


What’s Your Spirit?


The Spirit of a Hero board consists of military veterans and civilians who know the cost of freedom is not free! They have the spirit of helping and giving back to the veteran community.  


Founder/President - Rick Turner, Veteran, Purple Heart Recipient

Co-Founder/Executive Director - Tancy Turner

Treasurer – Joe Hockaday 


Secretary – Bly Bethea


Board Members - Brooklyn Calloway, Cody Cunningham, Michael Holman, Matt Kipp


Our all-volunteer board does what it takes to help raise awareness, funds, and spirits of our wounded veterans! 


#whatsyourspirit #SoaH